A Distinctive Position Of The Jamea



Due to a long and continuous struggle in February 1983 the Government of Maharashtra has accepted the certificates of the Jamea, awarded to the girl who is admitted after matriculation, equivalent to B A. It was not an easy task. But the members of the Jamea and specially the late Moulana Mohd. Usman Saheb took a very deep interest in the completion of this work.

The strength of the students has considerably increased. The teaching staff consists of only ladies, There are 56 lady teachers excluding peons. Their salary and the other related expenses are managed out of the donation paid monthly and annually by respectable persons of the city and outskirts of the city. The Annual budget for the year 1987-88 Is Rs. Six Laakh Fifty thousand.

We wish to have self standing and all round development of the Jamea. We wish to equip it fully with the latest education, literacy and religious matters and materials. To achieve our goal it is our desire that the Jamea should have a permanent solid income. To make it self sufficient

Poems And Poetry

Jamea Ki Sh’ar Sha’ery  Poems And Poetry  Of Jamea

Ae jamea tere daro diwar ki qasam,

ho lakh duriyan na bhulainge tujhko hum.


Nahin likte

nahin likte

yaqeenan hum nahin likte

 jub likne bhait jaate

 kisse se kum nahin likte


Log bimari ki khauf se

khana to chor dete hen

magar allah ke khauf se

gunah karna nahi chorte.


Koi gunah lazzat k lye mat karna

q k lazat khatam ho jae gi

gunah baqi rah jae ga ,

or koi neki taklif ki waja se mat chorna

 q k taklif khatam ho jae gi

neki baqi rah jae ge!


Hazaro gham he lekin

na aya ankh me ansoo

hum ahle zarf he peelete hain

jhalkaya nahi karte.

Make Shukr (Say Thank You Oh Allah!)

Make Shukr

by Ummeluqman

Based on my Experience in Jamea

Assalaamu alaikum I  wrote this note as I was I actually missing Jamea  The Madressa that I studied in India In 85-87 , and I miss being a student of Deen and miss being in the company of the Malaaikah and all these pious people [madressa ] I did this  for the sake of AllahTa’ala

AND FOR ALL MY SAATHIS TO UNITE and for my kidz as well to actually make them see what life was while we were studying in Jamea  those days. Life In Jamea was very hard, but fun educational and interesting and we learnt quite alot from  staying there.

 What we should teach our kidz, are that they should really appreciate each and every nimat Allah Ta’ala bestowed upon them

To have communication facililties today is a  nimah as  in the 70’s 80’s it was very scare and expensive

To enjoy the tasty butter chicken and peppered steak today is a ni’mat cos we had to wait for 1 and half years  after collecting money to buy our chicken for da Jamea Eid Biryani as  it was so expensive and difficult dat time

T o have Gautrain in South Africa today is a  ni’mat cos we stood in da India trains packed to the brim

To have mp3s, Ipods and DvD players today is a ni’mat  as it took us months to produce a Qiraat audio from a Reel Tape

To have a beautiful comfortable bed today is a ni’mat as we slept on chatais before

To have a beautiful mansion is a ni’mat today as we slept in an  allinone  5m by5m room with our sitting room diningroom bedroom kitchen  all in1 with 12 roommates all sleeping packed like sardines  but were happy and contented

To hav electricity is a ni’mat as we used to study and dinner by candlelight almost daily

To have a fantastic  4plate stove with  oven is a ni’mat as we  were using the kerosene[primus] stove

To hav pc to do all ur homework is a ni’mat whereas in our time we were taught to use da calligraphy and the fountain  pen wid ink and we wrote wid dat

To have sms’s and  email is ni’mat compared to the telegraph telegram system of our time when we used to receive a mayyit or nikaah  message after 1 year

To have fastmail letter facilities is ni’mat compared to the snail mail  and aerogram letters of70’s and 80’s tha took 3months to reach us

Alhumdulillah Ala Kulli Ni’matin Tatimmus Swalehaat


Lab pe aati

Lab pe aati he dua ban k tamanna meri

Zindagi shamma ki surat ho khudaya meri

Ho mere dum se yuhi mere watan ki zinat

Jis tarah phool se hoti he chaman ki zinat

Zindagi ho meri parwane ki surat ya rab

Elm ki shamma se ho mujko muhabbat ya rab

Ho mera kam garibo ki himayat karna

Dard mando se zaifo se muhabbat karna

Mere allah burai se bachana mujko

Nek jo rah ho us rah pe chalana mujko

Mere allah burai se bachana mujko

Nek jo rah ho us rah pe chalana mujko.