Rahe Jaate heh Armaan

Rahe Jaate heh Armaan

Rahe jaate heh jaate heh yeh armaan haye mere seene meh

Rahe jaate heh jaate heh yeh armaan haye mere seene meh

Na Kaabah ki galie dekhi na poncha meh Madina meh

Na Kaabah ki galie dekhi na poncha meh Madina meh

Soona heh noor ki barsaat hoti heh Madina meh

Soona heh noor ki barsaat hoti heh Madina meh

 Ilahi ek cheeta aa pare hum sub ke seene meh

Ilahi ek cheeta aa pare hum sub ke seene meh

Rahe jaate heh jate heh yeh armaan haye mere seene meh

Mazaa kya khaak aaye door rehkar aise jeene meh

Mazaa kya khaak aaye door rehkar aise jeene meh

Ke parwana yahaan  tarpe rahe shama Madina meh

Ke parwana yahaan  tarpe rahe shama Madina meh

Rahe jaate heh jate heh yeh armaan haye mere seene meh

Muhammad ki judaai aag bharkati heh  seene meh

Muhammad ki judaai aag bharkati heh  seene meh

Rawa jub  dekhta hoon qaafile Haj ke mahine meh

Rawa jub  dekhta hoon qaafile haj ke mahine meh

Rahe jaate heh jate heh yeh armaan haye mere seene meh

Muhammad is taraah tashreef  farmaa heh  Madina meh

Muhammad is taraah tashreef  farmaa heh  Madina meh

Ke jaise surah Yaseen  heh Qur’aan ke seene meh

Ke jaise surah Yaseen  heh Qur’aan ke seene meh

Rahe jaate heh jate heh yeh armaan haye mere seene meh

Na Kaabe ki galie dekhi na poncha  meh Madina meh




Honourary Patron of Jameatus Swalehat

Honorary Patron Jameatus Swalehat,

Maulana   Habibur Rehman Saheb Aazami, 

Maunath Bhanjan.

Managing Board, Jameatus   Swalehat,

[1]   Molvi Abdul   Haque Saheb
[2]   Molvi Mohd. Ilyas   Saheb
[3]   Molvi Mohd.   Ayyub Saheb
[4]   Haji Abdul   Hamid Mohd. Hanif
[5]   Abdul Aziz   Haji Shamsuddin
[6]   Aminullah Mohd Amanatullah
[7]   Usman Ghani Seth, (Dawn Mill)
[8]   Hafiz Md. Yusuf Haji Md. Ilyas Nayapura
[9]   Haji Mohd Umer   Mohd. Hasan Seth, (Misri Khan ka Bada)
[10]   Abdul Majid   Md. Yusuf Seth, (Misr’ Khan ka Bada )
[11]   Haji Wazeer Sultan Mulla, (Islampura)
[12]   Haji Mohd.   Yasin Haji Mohd. Siddique
[13]   Mohd Haji Husain Ahmed Haji Noor   Mohammed, ( China Bhatt ) [14] Haji Abdu Rehman Haji Nazeer Ahmed,
[15]   Afzal Ahmed Molvi Mohammed Usman Saheb,

Office Bearers Jameatus   Swalehat

1)   Molvi Abdul Haque   Saheb,
(2)   Molvi Mohd.   Ilyas Saheb.
(3)   Molvi Mohd.   Ayyub Saheb,

Board of Trustees Jameatus   Swalehat,

(1)   Molvi Abdul Haque   Saheb,
(2)   Molvi Mohd.   Ilyas Saheb.
(3)   Molvi Mohd.   Ayyub Saheb,
(4)   Abdul Hamid Haji Mohd. Hanif
,   (5) Mohd. Mustafa Bafati,
(6)   Abdul Majeed Mohd.   Yusuf Seth,
(7)   Md. Ishaque Mohd. Sabir Haji,
(8)   Haji Mohd. Umer Mohd. Hasan Seth,
(9)   Afzal Ahmed Molvi Mohammed Osman Saheb,

Members, Board of   Education,

(1)   Molvi Abdul  Haque Saheb,
(2)   Molvi Md. llyas Saheb,
(3)   Molvi Md. Ayyub Saheb,
(4)   Usman Ghani Seth, [Dawn Mill]
(5)   Afzal Ahmed Molvi Mohd. Usman Saheb,
[1]   Molvi Abdul Hague Saheb, ( President )
[2]   Molvi Mohammed Ilyas Saheb, ( Secretary )
[3]   Molvi Mohammed Ayub Sahth, (Treasurer)

Names Of Teachers

Names Of Teachers of Jamea

1)   Alima Razia Haji Ahmed (Head Mistress)
2) Alima   Tahera Shamsuddoha Assistant Head Mist. & Muftia)
3)   Alma Tahera Hafiz Souban,
4)   Alima Saeeda Abdush Shakoor.
5)   Alima Rasheeda Ahmed,
6)   Alima Fatma Mohd. Ghufran.
‘7)   Alima Fareeda Shabbeer Ahmed.
8)   Alima Shareefa Mukhtar Ahmed.
9)   Alirna Qamrunnisa Mohd. Umar.
10)   Alima Aamera Jamal Ahmed,
11) Alima   Sabiha Akhter Molvi Mohd. Llyas,
12)   Alima Amena Usman Ghani,
13)   Alima Shamsunnisa Haji Bhikan,
14)   Alima Shareefa Nisar Ahmed.
15)   Alima Majeda Molvi Mohd. Ayyub.
16)   Alima Amena Usman Ghani Yusuf,
17)   Alima Aneesa Mohd. Suleman.
18)   Alima Shahina Abdul Latif,
19)   Alirna Parveen Abdul Sattar,
20)   Alima Sadequa Azizul Haque,
21)   Alima Akhtarunnisa Azizur Rehman,’
22)   Alima Qamrunnisa Mehmoodul Haque,
23)   Alima Akhteri Mohd. Ilyas,
24)   Alima Rasheeda Khursheed Ahmed,
25)   Alima Farida Shaheen Khaleel Ahmed.
26)   Alima Qamar Jahan Nurul Hasan,
27)   Alima Atya Shameem Mukhtar Ahmed,
28)   Alima Aabeda Mohd. Haneef.
29)   Alima Effat Jahan Abdul Shakoor,
30)   Alima Bushra Molvi Abdul Khalique,
31) Alima Amena Mohd. Israeel,
32) Alima Sabiha Abdul Ahad Azharee,
33) Alima Rasheda Mohd. Ibraheem,
34) Alima Zulekha Hafiz Souban
35) Alima Badrunnisa Abdul Ghafoor,
36) Alima Bilquis Mohd. Hasan,
37) Alima Jameela Hafiz Hafizullah,
38) Alima Bushra Tabassum Molvi Jameel   Ahmed Qasmi,
39) Alima Abeda Molvi Mohd Idrees,
40) Alima Munira Mohd. Yunus,
41) Alima Tayyeba Mohd. Israeel, ,
42) Alima Erfana Abdul Razzaque
43) Alima Sadeqa Nazeer Ahmed,
 44)   Alima Aasefa Abdul Ghafoor,
45) Alima Rukhsana Nihal Ahmed,
46) Alima Waheda Mohd. -Osman,
 47)   Alima Salma Mohd. Iqbal,
48) Alima Sabiha Mohd.Ameen.
 49)Alima Shahejahan Abdul Kareem,
50) Alima Rafia Aquil Rehmani,
 51)   Alima Atya Khursheed Ahmed,
 52)   Alima Naheed Masihullah,
53 ) Alima Najmunnisa Shamsuddoha,
54) Alima Fatema Abdul Lateef
 55)   Alima Rehana Noor Mohammad
56) Alima Nadish Abu Baker Shaikh,

Visitors to Jamea

 This is what the Visitors had to say about our Madrasah

The important personalities India and foreign countries who are interested in reading and learning Islamic civilization and culture have visited and inspected the routinal work.
jsm visits (9)
jsm visits (2)
jsm visits (5)

Annual Budget



FOR HOSTEL: there is a plan before the – 711.SICeS. The management wants to purchase a piece of lane and to construct building and shops to make it avoid financial crisis and derangement. We therefore, appeal that this unique institution which is working mainly for the cause of female education should be financially and materially helped.

Duration of education: 5 years: ( 4 years for X’s students )

Academic year: From June to May Duration of Admission: Month of June Holidays

(1) Month of May 21 From 20 Ramzaan ul Mubarak to 5 Shawwal ul mukarram

(3) From 7 Zul Hijja to 13 Zul Hijja Minimum qualifications: Std VI! (Urdu) and Test for admission of Jameatus Swalehat. (Foreign students are exempted froth above condition.)

EXAMINATION: (1) Three monthly (2) Six monthly Admission Fees: Nil Tuition Fees: Nil

Budget   of 2011Accommodation Fees: Nil Mess Fees Monthly; (1) Rs. 160 — (2) Rs. 200/—                        

It is a fact that due to the collective and domestic essentialities a female student cannot devote more years towards education. It is therefore, felt the duration of education be curtailed to such a limit that nothing is left from the necessary and basic matter that is to be taught to a female  student from lawful and religious education and Uloome-Shariyat.

Make Shukr (Say Thank You Oh Allah!)

Make Shukr

by Ummeluqman

Based on my Experience in Jamea

Assalaamu alaikum I  wrote this note as I was I actually missing Jamea  The Madressa that I studied in India In 85-87 , and I miss being a student of Deen and miss being in the company of the Malaaikah and all these pious people [madressa ] I did this  for the sake of AllahTa’ala

AND FOR ALL MY SAATHIS TO UNITE and for my kidz as well to actually make them see what life was while we were studying in Jamea  those days. Life In Jamea was very hard, but fun educational and interesting and we learnt quite alot from  staying there.

 What we should teach our kidz, are that they should really appreciate each and every nimat Allah Ta’ala bestowed upon them

To have communication facililties today is a  nimah as  in the 70’s 80’s it was very scare and expensive

To enjoy the tasty butter chicken and peppered steak today is a ni’mat cos we had to wait for 1 and half years  after collecting money to buy our chicken for da Jamea Eid Biryani as  it was so expensive and difficult dat time

T o have Gautrain in South Africa today is a  ni’mat cos we stood in da India trains packed to the brim

To have mp3s, Ipods and DvD players today is a ni’mat  as it took us months to produce a Qiraat audio from a Reel Tape

To have a beautiful comfortable bed today is a ni’mat as we slept on chatais before

To have a beautiful mansion is a ni’mat today as we slept in an  allinone  5m by5m room with our sitting room diningroom bedroom kitchen  all in1 with 12 roommates all sleeping packed like sardines  but were happy and contented

To hav electricity is a ni’mat as we used to study and dinner by candlelight almost daily

To have a fantastic  4plate stove with  oven is a ni’mat as we  were using the kerosene[primus] stove

To hav pc to do all ur homework is a ni’mat whereas in our time we were taught to use da calligraphy and the fountain  pen wid ink and we wrote wid dat

To have sms’s and  email is ni’mat compared to the telegraph telegram system of our time when we used to receive a mayyit or nikaah  message after 1 year

To have fastmail letter facilities is ni’mat compared to the snail mail  and aerogram letters of70’s and 80’s tha took 3months to reach us

Alhumdulillah Ala Kulli Ni’matin Tatimmus Swalehaat


I can’t forget Jamea’s Ramadhaan

Assalaamu Alaikum this post was commented by me last year Ramadhaan 2011

slmz ramadhaan mubarak to all cant believe its ending so fast da best ramadhaan i had was in jamea  years ago as da feeling der, was very different we had kulfi afta taraweeh naan tikya and samoosas for sehri limbu sarbat and gola and fresh fruit juice for iftaar and da sehri feeling was absolutely phenomenal where da announcement went like this

sehri ka waqt khatam hone wala heh 15 minute baaqi heh sehri ka waqt khatam horaha heh 10 minute baaqi heh sehri ka waqt khatam horaha heh 5 minute baaqi heh sehri ka waqt khatam ho gaya heh khana peena band karo i cant 4get jamea