A Distinctive Position Of The Jamea



Due to a long and continuous struggle in February 1983 the Government of Maharashtra has accepted the certificates of the Jamea, awarded to the girl who is admitted after matriculation, equivalent to B A. It was not an easy task. But the members of the Jamea and specially the late Moulana Mohd. Usman Saheb took a very deep interest in the completion of this work.

The strength of the students has considerably increased. The teaching staff consists of only ladies, There are 56 lady teachers excluding peons. Their salary and the other related expenses are managed out of the donation paid monthly and annually by respectable persons of the city and outskirts of the city. The Annual budget for the year 1987-88 Is Rs. Six Laakh Fifty thousand.

We wish to have self standing and all round development of the Jamea. We wish to equip it fully with the latest education, literacy and religious matters and materials. To achieve our goal it is our desire that the Jamea should have a permanent solid income. To make it self sufficient

International Position of Jamea

International Position of JameaIn August, 1977 a student from Republic Union (France), who knew only French, was admitted in the Jamea. She could not understand anything and conversed with signs and glances. But in the company of her friends she slowly learned Urdu. Today this girl speaks Urdu fluently and is able to deliver a good speech in Urdu as well. In December, 1977. girls from the Islands of Maldeep came. They, too, knew only their mother tongue. First they were taught Urdu and then admitted in std. 1st these girls’ memorised 10 chapters of the Holy Quran. The Jamea became the talk of the town in European Countries and particularly in England.

The non-resident Indian Muslim officials and businessmen were always warned and anxious for the Islamic education of their children. They took this opportunity and bearing a lot of expenditure sent their children to Malegaon. In December 1978 the 1st batch of 7 girls came from England. For the girls’, India was new. Urdu was unheard of and the entire environment was puzzling. But their parents had enlightened the candle of Islam in their hearts to such extent that these girls faced all the difficulties bravely. Within a short period of 4 months they learned Urdu and were admitted in std. 1st.                        


In the previous report it had been hoped that in near future, with the help of the past students of the Jamea, the candles of Islamic education would be brightened in other countries and that hope had been fulfilled. Several past students of the Jamea have opened the branches of the Jamea in England now.

The strength of the foreign students is growing day by day  

. At present more than 150 students from England, Republic Union, (France)

 South Africa


West Indies, Barbados, Panama Canada, California, Fiji, Bahamas, Thailand, Bangkok, and Australia are studying in the Jamea.

Including the syllabi the following departments are in the Jamea.



There is a special department for Hifzh Quran. Hafiz Mohd Faheem Saheb. looks after this department. 13 girls, including foreign girls, have completed Hifzh Quran from the Jamea.


LIBRARY (Darul Mutaleah)

For students of the Jamea there is a spacious and magnificent library which contains treasure of religious literacy books of intrinsic importance. A host of religious magazines, weekly and daily newspapers are kept to enhance further knowledge on religious matters.



In order to solve the problems of Muslims according to Islamic laws’ Darul Iftaa, a department of judicial decree.

It has been set up in the Jamea. Maulana Mohd, Ilyas Saheb is the Sadr Mufti. While Tahera Shamsuddoha is the Naib Muftiya of this department,




On Sundays during 10-30 a. m. to 12-30 p. m.

A literacy and educational programme is held. The girls’ express their views through poems, conversation, lectures and speeches. In this way their speaking and writing talents are sharpened. The speeches are delivered both in Urdu and Arabic languages. This weekly elocution programme is attended by all the students.



Keeping in view that a lady should at least gain enough income so as to bear domestic expenses after completion of her educations, the students of the Jamea are taught tailoring and embroidery.


Due importance is given to domestic science. tinder the supervision of their teachers, the students of std. IV and V are practically trained and taught good cooking. An expert lady cook has been appointed to train the students.