Mufeedut Talibeen 154

Disgraced People

154. eight people when they are disgraced

 they can blame none but themselves;

one who comes to a table he is not invited to

one who orders around the owner of a home

in his own house

one who enters the conversation of people

and they did not call him

one who belittles a king

one who sits in the gathering of people he is

not worthy of

one who continues to speak to one who is

not listening

one who seeks good from his enemies and

one who hopes of virtue from lowly people

Mufeedut Talibeen 153

A King’s Advice

153. a certain king mentioned to

one of his ministers:

“what is the best thing

a person can be given?” he said:

“intelligence by which he can live by”

“if he does not get this?” he said:

“etiquette through which he shines”

“if he does not get this?” he said:

“wealth which will cover him”

“if he does not get this?” he said:

“lightening that will (strike and)

burn him and everybody

 will be saved from him”

Mufeedut Talibeen 152


152. a person who rectifies his tongue

he beautifies his intelligence,

a person who straightens his speech

 his virtue becomes evident

, a person who seeks gratitude

for his good

his thanks fall away ,

a person who is pleased with his tolerance

his reward is in vain ,

and a person who is truthful in his speech

his beauty increases