About the Author


This   blog has been created on behalf of the

 Madrasah Jameatus Swalehat Malegaon

 Saathis (ex alumni ) for the sake of Allah:

About The Madrasah

 Madrasah Jameatus Swalehat Malegaon


Is A Girl’s Madressa In Malegaon Maharashtra India  That Is In Existence For  43 Years Where Many Of Our Mothers And Sisters From

South Africa As Well As Abroad







Etc Have Studied

It Is my Fervent Wish  To

Unite All Our Saathis For The Sake Of Allah Ta’ala


Know your Alma Mater!

Reminiscing Jamea

Madrasah Jameatus Swalehat 

Was A Girl’s Madressa That I Myself   Studied  in from 


All Sisters Welcome  to join this blog

Inna Salaati Wanusuki Wa Mahyaya Wamamati Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen

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