Jamea’s Syllabus




The syllabi spread five years are given below’





1st   year :


MinhajuL Arabia Book I. II, III, IV,


Khushkhati (fine handwriting ,Urdu   calligraphy)


Tajweed – 0 – Qirat,


Arabi ka Muallim Book I and II


Persian. Chehal Sabaq,


Hikayate Lateef,


Deeni Ta’leem ka Risala I to XII


Tas-heelul-Lughatul  Arabiah








2nd   year :


Arabi ka Muallim Book III




Al Qiratur Rashida Book  1 ,11.111and  (half)


Tajweed – 0 – Qirat,


Persian, Gulistan, Bostan. (First half),




An – Nahwul Wadeh I, II,


Tas-heelul – Lughatul Arabia




3rd   year :


Sharhe Wiqaya,


Usulush – Shashi,


Noorul Azar, Translation of Quran (first half ),


Al Qiratur Rashida Book III (latter half)




Qaseeda e- Shanfara,


Arabi ka Muallim Book IV, English,


An –Nahwul Wadeh Book III,


Tas-heelul-lughatul arabia.








4th   year :


Translation of Quran (latter half).


Hidaya – Awwalain,


Jalalain Shareef (Fifteen Pare).




Mukhtarat -e – min Adabil Arab ( I, II),


Mishkat Shareef, Tailoring,




Domestic Science.




5th   year :


Bukhari Shareef,


Muslim Shareef.


Tirmizi Shareef,


Abu Dawood Shareef,


Ibne Maaja Shareef,


Nasaai Shareef,







Mufeedut Talibeen                                                                                                                                                     was An Invaluable  kitab that we studied in Jameatus Swalehat Malegoan

InshaALLAH I  will try to share a quote from this kitaab Daily Namely the English Translaition  although not in sequence just the basic general quotes




1. The   first man was the first to forget


2. The   greatest calamity of knowledge is to forget


3.   Ignorance is the death of the living beings


4.   People are enemies (and detest) what they don’t know


5. A   single sign is sufficient for an intelligent person








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