Blind Justice

a prisoner’s lament on the Blind justice of this  world

When will this world come right?

I cannot understand where  they are deceiving

I cannot understand who they are punishing

 They do not befriend the weak

They  are  the friend of thieves

of false speeches and  false proofs

this is the games of the  corrupt lawyers (judges)

he doesn’t do justice

he doesn’t forgive anyone

with every forgiveness there is bloodshed

this is blind justice

this is blind justice

if people fear him

the accused will not commit a sin

money gets stolen  ??? its stolen

he offered  a bribe and disappeared scot free

women were raped

shots were fired

he never opened his eyes

dark sins were committed continuosly

this one slept away on his seat

 this is an incomplete  pillar foundation of the  buildings of the world

this is blind justice

definately his hand is a bit long

surely he has strength

but he does not see

he writes issues verdicts  without investigating seeing

how many people rotted in jail

how many innocent were put on the noose hanged

I too was a victim

I think i am insane I am lost too

friends I cannot fathom

my head is insane

this is blind justice

this is blind justice


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